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Night Court!

Posted by flyingbk on 03/31/2017

I prepare weekly Bible studies for my church small groups. I want to share a quote from the cutting room floor by my main man, Robert Farrar Capon. Those of us who grew up watching the TV show Night Court will especially appreciate this one:

The Father’s will for you – his whole will, his entire plan of salvation – is that you believe in Jesus, nothing more. He has already forgiven you, he has already reconciled you, he has already raised you up together with Jesus and made you sit together in heavenly places with him. And better yet, Jesus himself has already pronounced upon you the approving judgment of having done his Father’s will. But if you do not believe him – if you insist on walking up to the bar of judgment on your own faithless feet and arguing a case he has already dismissed – well, you will never hear the blessed silence of his uncondemnation over the infernal racket of your own voice. “He who argues his own case has a fool for a lawyer” is true in any court. But in this court you will be more than a fool if you try that trick. You will be an idiot. There is no case. There is no evidence against you. And there is no courtroom to display your talents in. It is all quashed, all over but the fun of having an eternal drink with the Judge who makes Harry Stone look serious. This is the Gospel as Night Court. All you have to do is hoist your glass and say, “Yes, Judge. Cheers! Skal! Salute! Ein Prosit! Bottoms up!” The whole thing, you see, stands forever on its head: the last shall be first – just for believing.

-Robert Farrar Capon, Kingdom, Grace, Judgment: Paradox, Outrage, and Vindication in the Parables of Jesus


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