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A Birthday Reflection

Posted by flyingbk on 12/14/2016


I shared this on my Facebook wall, but wanted to post it here as well. I turned 38 yesterday (gasp):

Thank you to all who wished me a happy birthday, whether it be in person via 3 epic celebrations in 4 days, via text message or Kakao, via email, via shoutout on Instagram, via writing on my Facebook wall.

So much can change in one year. Last year at this time, I thought I’d soon be in the promised land of sunny, southern California, getting my tan on at the beach and eating authentic tacos and Korean BBQ nonstop. But alas, that didn’t come to pass. This year, my girlfriend and I broke up on good terms in February. In June, I stepped down from a church I was serving at for 3 years, and chose not to do another ministry even though I was offered. I’ve been working for the last few months, uncertain of what the future holds, whether it be at my current job or future ministry. The stability that I thought was surely mine in terms of romance, job and career, and finances proves continually elusive.

2016 has been a year of loss.

And yet, this I will call to mind:

I love the people I work with, from my colleagues to my bosses, and I’m excited for the growth potential at both companies. I had a joyous summer teaching high school students, and finally got to go on that baseball road trip that I’ve always wanted to do. God led me so quickly to find an amazing church and I soon made new friends, young and old (but especially young), enjoyed my small group with amazing leaders and a loving hostess, and I’m excited for the ministry opportunities that lie ahead there. I’ve always regretted not spending enough time in NYC throughout my life (even as a Columbia student, I rarely saw the city, playing too many video games instead), but now I’m in the city about three days a week, walking around and exploring all the parks, restaurants, markets, museums, and bars. And of course, there’s my family who all live close by, so we can see each other regularly. And there’s my close friends who have been there for me all year long and walked with me through the many ups and downs (you know who you are).

2016 has been a year of gain.

I’ve realized: This is my promised land. Thanks be to God and the abundance of spiritual, material, and relational blessings he pours out upon me. Because of His effectual grace, I’ve already arrived.

I will enjoy the last days of 2016, but I can’t freakin’ wait for all that God has in store for me and those around me in 2017.


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