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The Weekend Is Here! 11-25-16

Posted by flyingbk on 11/18/2016

1. I’m not much of a movie guy anymore, but once in a while, a movie comes along that I know I need to see. The last one was The Hateful Eight simply because my favorite actor, the great Walton Goggins, played a prominent role. (As expected, he was excellent. Need a  TV show to binge watch this holiday season? I highly recommend The Shield and Justified. Goggins plays the main supporting actor in both, and he is brilliant.)


But now, I’ve found the movie I MUST watch this holiday season. That would be Martin Scorcese’s Silence, based on the seminal 1966 novel by Shusaku Endo. A friend of mine let me borrow his copy a couple years back, and it’s a book not to be missed. The plot follows two Jesuit priests (Andrew Garfield and Adam Driver) who travel to 17th century Japan to locate their mentor (Liam Neeson), but end up in the throes of persecution. Scorcese claims that he’s been trying to make this film for 28 years!




Scorcese is actually planning on showing the film to 400 Jesuit priests in Rome. The movie will be given a limited release starting on Dec. 23 before going wide in January. I’ll be counting down the days till I get to see it.




2. I believe that if you are a pastor in America who preached this past Sunday, there was an obligation to express balanced and biblical thoughts on the results of the presidential election. My pastor did, and I greatly appreciated his viewpoints. (Bonus: He was going through the book of Jonah, and Jonah 4 fit perfectly with his postmortem. Expository preaching FTW!) Also, Mark Dever, who preaches in the heart of Washington DC, eloquently expressed how we are not a Republican or Democratic church.


Also, props to the Harvard Crimson editorial board for encouraging more ideological diversity on campus. That was not a reaction I expected.


3. A few quick hits:
-I loved this story from The Guardian about “The Church of McDonald’s.” There’s a Wendy’s nearby where I live, and I recently went there alone to sit down and eat dinner. I was floored by how many older Koreans resided in that place; it was like their second home. Of course, I shouldn’t have been surprised since I know that my mom likes to go and hang out there (senior discount on the coffee!). This piece reminds us of the power of simple social presence.


-Here’s an entertaining piece on the history of the cheese curl, which is basically repurposed animal feed. I’d have to think that a show featuring Chester Cheetah would be allowed and even popular today, given the variety of platforms available. Alas, it was an idea that was not fit for that era.


-Trevin Wax writes about two reminders he learned from observing the Church in South Korea. Both are important, but the second one was especially a good reminder about the need to pray more spontaneously, especially when I’m with others.


Have a great weekend everyone!

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