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The Weekend Is Here! 10-28-16

Posted by flyingbk on 10/28/2016

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1. The Christian cartoonist Jack Chick passed away on Sunday. I grew up in a semi-fundamentalist church, and we LOVED our Chick tracts. We passed them around like candy, we got excited every time someone surfaced with a new one, and I would rifle through and read the same pages over and over. The final page was always the same, imploring us to take the only way to heaven.

The one tract that sticks with me to this day is this one, titled “The Letter.” A woman has a dream in which her non-Christian friend writes her a letter from hell. The friend tells her that she’s residing in hell because she never told her about Jesus. The woman wakes up, startled, but with fresh resolve to evangelize to her friend. But since this is Chick, there’s a shock ending , albeit a predictable one, which you can read if you click…

RIP, Jack Chick. I agree with a quote in the Christianity Today piece linked above that he always meant well. See you in heaven.

Chick Publications lives on. They have a few ideas on how you can use their tracts this Halloween! #6 is my favorite 😉

2. There’s two phenomena on social media that always make me sigh in exasperation. First is those who think that writing legalese on a Facebook post will empower them to regain control of their online content and protect them from those goonish Facebook employees. People even use the disclaimer “Just in case:” as if that’s an excuse for being so gullible.

The second is the unwitting usage of false quotes. A point of advice: Before you post a quote that you haven’t read on your own, do a quick Google search and make sure that, you know, it’s a real quote. One that’s been making the rounds of late is this apocryphal C.S. Lewis excerpt from The Screwtape Letters:

I admit falling for this one too (by liking someone’s post). But I mean, just look at it. It’s way too on the nose. Aaron Earls writes about this fake quote, and explains why Lewis’ real words in Screwtape are still quite the warning for us today. The first real quote especially resonated with me. I was super political from 2000-2008, and I’ve been quite apolitical and frustrated since. Both extremes, of course, are wrong. Also, Andrew Walker writes about “The Impossibility of the Apolitical Church.” I greatly appreciate his thoughts, and they mirror what I’ve been thinking during this year’s presidential campaign.

3. The NBA season has begun, and ESPN writer extraordinaire Zach Lowe (who actually taught at my alma mater, Cresskill High School) preps us with this year’s tiers. Naturally, Golden State and Cleveland are 1-2 with quite the gap beneath them. All an NBA fan can hope for is this year is for health. I want to see a Warriors-Clippers playoff series with everyone at 100%, and the same for the likely Cavs-Warriors finals rematch.

I especially love what Lowe wrote about LeBron James:

What LeBron did to Golden State last June should give pause to anyone anointing this four-headed super team. His performances while facing elimination in Games 5 and 6 — a combined 82 points, 29 rebounds, 16 assists, and six aura-shattering blocks — stand as the greatest back-to-back in Finals history. He imagined a way to beat this specific opponent, and then made it happen.

He dragged Stephen Curry through an obstacle course of pick-and-rolls until he cracked just enough room for something — a thundering drive, those dripping soft lobs to Tristan Thompson, cross-court lasers to spot-up shooters. He hounded Draymond Green on defense, switched onto Curry, and vaporized the Curry-Green pick-and-roll that had been the launchpad to a thousand open 3-pointers.

Never has a player done everything humanly possible on a basketball court at such a mind-blowingly high level in two straight Finals against ultra premium competition. That’s one reason James is now officially the greatest player of all-time, and snuck past Michael Jordan this past June. But more on that another time…

Have a great weekend everyone!


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