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The Weekend Is Here 9-30-16

Posted by flyingbk on 09/30/2016

Let’s go:

1. This Tim Challies post about David Boudia serves as a nice coda to my 3-part series. David Boudia, a four-time Olympic medalist diver, writes about the struggle for athletes to live “normal lives” after reaching the mountaintop in his career (cue what happened with O.J. Simpson). The five life lessons in this post are very helpful, and very applicable to our own lives. Sadly, the post-Olympic blues phenomenon is all too real (really pulling for Michael Phelps now that his career is over).

2. Because I was still under the weather on Monday night, I had to cancel my dinner plans. This unfortunately meant that I ended up watching the first debate. All I want to say for now is that my heart sank while watching it. It saddens me that we are at this current level of political discourse in our country. I’ve felt like Lester Holt when I’m trying to calm down my 8th grade students. I don’t think it was fair to blame him; we should have political candidates who don’t need to be told to wait their turn.


What’s also noteworthy to me is how we can all watch the same thing and form drastically different opinions. Here’s one example, and here’s another. This phenomenon reminds me of another Revisionist History episode: The Satire Paradox. The problem with satire is that people will interpret it whichever way their bias points. The same can be said about the reaction to this first debate, and of course, the media and our politically active friends on social media.

3. Last night, there was a ridiculous ending to the Cardinals-Reds game. Basically, the game winning hit for the Cards should’ve been ruled a ground-rule double, which would put runners at 2nd and 3rd base with the score remaining tied. But according to the umpires, Reds manager Bryan Price was not quick enough to challenge it. And Price stated that it was too loud for him to hear the dugout phone.


What an embarrassment for Major League Baseball. The umpires were more interested in getting off the field and enjoying a post-game meal rather than actually, you know, getting the call right. And in the middle of a playoff race to boot (LGM). The antidote is simple: Get rid of the challenge system in all sports.

4. We have to end on a sad note: RIP Jose Fernandez. Words fail me; it’s just such an utter shame. Sadly, tragedy can also bring out the best writing. It’s definitely worth reading Jeff Passan and Joe Posnanski. You will be deeply missed, and baseball is much, much worse off without you.



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