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Surf’s Up 5-12-14

Posted by flyingbk on 05/12/2014

Here’s what I’ve been perusing in the past week:

*Perry Noble wrote a piece back in February about his struggle with mental illness, and whether Christians should take medication for such instances. He writes:

However, as someone who has been on both sides of the issue I want to speak definitively on this by saying that it is NOT a sign of weakness to admit your need for medication in dealing with these issues; in fact, in many cases it may actually be a sign of strength

So true. We don’t get the help we need because of pride and the fear that we appear weak.

*In a similar vein, I really enjoyed Michael Patton’s honesty in this blog post about being scared. We all have fears in life, but instead of processing them, we seek to cover them up. It’s especially refreshing to read this because we often look to chronicle such a period in our lives after the fact and after breakthrough and recovery has taken place. But we must remember that it wasn’t like that in the Psalms; King David constantly expressed his fears in the midst of his current struggles. Therefore, we can be completely honest in the moment especially because we do know that one day, there will be no more fear.

*Many of you already know about Emily Letts, the woman who brashly stated, “I feel super good about having an abortion.” Albert Mohler pens an inspired take on the matter. Also, I would highly recommend Mohler’s book, The Conviction to Lead, which has become one of my favorites on leadership.

*Here’s a good primer on the kidnapped Nigerian girls. Heartbreaking. Let’s keep praying for justice. If nothing else, the publicity of this tragedy will awaken more people about the widespread horror of human trafficking in our world.

*Real Clear Religion shows pics of the ugliest churches in the world. I can’t believe there’s actually a church with a huge display of its URL on the front. Just utterly cringe-worthy. Yeah, traditional buildings work just fine, thank you.

*Finally, as someone who has spent way too much on dating websites in the last year, I enjoyed this video. Pretty hilarious.


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