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Surf’s Up (Grace Edition) 5-5-14

Posted by flyingbk on 05/05/2014

5/5 is one of my favorite days in the calendar. That’s because five is the biblical number of grace. So yes, I’ll take a double helping of God’s grace on this day! Today is a perfect day for us to brush up on the biblical meaning of grace. Here’s what else I’ve read in the last couple weeks that pertain to grace:

*When we understand the depths of the gospel, and what it really teaches us in terms of our sinfulness, it’s a lot easier to shelve shock. I recently taught my small group from Galatians about this concept: The gospel tells us that we’re even far worse than we think. Therefore, we should be able to understand better and be quick to forgive when we witness people doing terrible things.  As Barnabas Piper explains, “It’s not that we would never do certain sins; it’s often that we’ve never been given the chance. We use the phrase “but for the grace of God there go I”, and much of that grace is the circumstances God gave us as protected church folk.” Truth.

*So much about what goes into a successful marriage has to do with extending grace to one another. And Daniel Darling reveals an important way for spouses to love each other.

*God’s grace also gives us a new identity. But the devil is always on the attack, seeking to thwart us from seeing ourselves correctly. I really enjoyed this excerpt from Nadia Bolz-Weber’s PastrixShe writes: “So if God’s first move is to give us our identity, then the devil’s first move is to throw that identity into question. Identity is like the tip of a spool of thread, which when pulled, can unwind the whole thing.” Yup, and that’s why we always need to be on guard, protecting our God’s-grace-given identity.

*When you truly experience grace, you’re always asking yourself, “Is there anyone else left?”

*Finally, one last cool thing I saw: From Mozart to Dickens — How history’s greatest thinkers managed their time. I think my favorites were Flaubert’s and Frankin’s.


One Response to “Surf’s Up (Grace Edition) 5-5-14”

  1. jacobim chungatu said

    i don’t agree that 5 is the biblical number for grace. i think it should be 490.

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