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Surf’s Up 1-20-12

Posted by flyingbk on 01/20/2012

Some quick links for the weekend:

Hmm, I got served. Shortly after posting my last blog which included a pot shot at liberals, I read this book excerpt. Well done, Mr. Crabtree; I could certainly a lot from that technique. And I’m about to start your book as well as I plan on sharing its insights with my student leaders.

Then again, our vice president is the gift that keeps on giving. And the Solyndra story continues to remind us of the follies of greater government intervention.

The March for Life is this Monday. Wish I could be there like I was in 2005. Here’s a good reminder that as Christians, it is our duty to pray for the ending of abortion.

On a much lighter note, this news would be a major boon for Mets fans. Lewin is very good. For those who have ever listened to Wayne Hagin call a baseball game, let us rejoice that he will no longer be the radio man for the Mets. I remember constantly getting upset that he would use up 50 words before finally telling me what happened on a specific play. Mr. Hagin, Robert Southy once wrote, “It is with words as with sunbeams.  The more they are condensed, the deeper they burn.” Your way with words did make me burn though, that’s for sure.

Interesting post by Timothy Dalrymple, who is becoming one of my favorite modern philosophers. He is also an evangelical that fervently supports Mitt Romney for President. His Open Letter to the Romney Skeptics is worth pondering. I’m still thinking about it.

Some of you probably already know the story about the cowardice of the captain of the Costa Concordia. If not, here’s a well-written recap. Utterly despicable, and I hope he gets prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

I recently finished Candice Millard’s The Destiny of the Republic, a phenomenal tale of the rise and assassination of President James A. Garfield. It’s an easy and engaging read. For a Cliffs’ Notes version, check out this piece from Smithsonian Magazine. It’s such a tragedy that Garfield would’ve easily survived if he had been shot 15 years later; most doctors at that time just didn’t understand how infections were so insidious.

Finally, here’s a trailer of a new documentary coming out. Its title is the three deadliest words in the world: “It’s a Girl.”


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