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Props to R & R

Posted by flyingbk on 01/18/2012

*Props to my man R.A. Dickey, who has quickly ascended to the coveted title of My Favorite Met over the last couple years. Props to Robert Allen for climbing to the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro and raising money for Bombay Teen Challenge, a ministry that aids those trapped in the claws of the red light district of Mumbai.

Dickey is an absolute joy to watch on the field. His knuckleball dances and baffles the batter, catcher, umpire, and even Dickey all at the same time. He pitches with a missing ligament in his right elbow, and has enjoyed a late career renaissance in which he’s been one of the more valuable pitchers in baseball over the last two seasons. I try not to miss any of his starts; collectively, they’ll probably be one of the few highlights of the 2012 Mets.

Off the field, he’s also a deep and engaging individual who reads a lot and loves Star Wars. He interacts with his fans via Twitter, and his profile there (Father, Husband, Christian, Pitcher, Author, Adventurer, Star Wars Nerd, Reader, Ninja in Training & Cyclist) is nothing short of pure awesomeness. Go read his interview (Part One, Two, Three, Four) with Amazin’ Avenue back in December 2010; like me, you’ll be struck by how thoughtful his answers are. Man’s got heart. I cannot wait to read his memoir, which I believe is coming out in the next couple months.

*Switching over to politics, I would like to give props to my man Rick Santorum. Ever since I read his book It Takes a Family years ago at a Fort Lee Borders (that’s now been long closed down), I have a been a big fan. I’ve always appreciated his convicted and principled stands on abortion and traditional marriage. He does a great job explaining conservative positions (for one recent example, read his answer to the first question in this interview. Good stuff.).

He was the one candidate in the Republican presidential primary that actually stopped in every single county in Iowa, and his efforts proved worthwhile as he could be certified the winner there. So even though he most likely won’t get the nomination (Romney’s practically a shoo-in at this point), props to you Rick.

One more thing I’d like to mention about Santorum. As you may know, two prominent liberal commentators– Alan Colmes and Eugene Robinson, the latter whose columns are so comically devoid of sound logic that he might as well be called the male Maureen Dowd– callously made fun of Santorum regarding his decision to show his dead baby to his children before burial. Both attacks were utterly despicable, and quickly retracted.

It floors me how liberals attack conservative politicians and their personal decisions (the way people went after Sarah Palin and her Down Syndrome baby was equally appalling). The column to which I just linked above states that it comes with the territory with running for national office, and I can agree with that regarding the expectation of increased scrutiny. But I thought liberals were all about respecting a woman’s and family’s private decisions. Oh, maybe that’s only the case when said woman/family chooses to abort. In that case, they’re to be applauded. Indeed, we live in a perverse culture.


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