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Unpopular Opinions on Sports

Posted by flyingbk on 12/08/2010

This post was inspired by this one. I’ll do sports today, and life another time. Here we go..

1. I’m rooting for LeBron James and the Miami Heat to succeed. I think most people who attack him are just being haters. I’m also rooting for Tiger Woods to get back to the top.

2. The National League should adopt the DH (I’m tired of watching pitchers “hit”), and MLB should get rid of unbalanced schedules. Let’s dispense with the myth that winning a division matters in baseball (the wild card is just as equal in value).

3. Hard salary caps, like the NFL institutes (well, except for this year), are insanity. It’s not a formula for parity; it’s a recipe for leaguewide mediocrity.

4. I’ll blog later about this, but American football is a fundamentally flawed sport. How do you have a puny kicker decide many contests when he doesn’t play at all otherwise?

5. I’ve read John Calipari’s book. I’m sure he’s as slimy as they come (and he uses people), and yet I can’t help but like him.

6. Baseball and college hoops are the two most exciting sports. The NFL has its moments, but a lot of times it’s subpar.

7. The vast majority of sports fans underestimate how much luck matters in sports, and they make opinions on such matters as “clutch” instead of understanding what’s really going down.

8. The following sports personalities I find insufferable and/or completely wrongheaded in their analysis: Stuart Scott, Merril Hoge, Lou Holtz, Digger Phelps, Clark Kellogg, Mike Greenberg, Mike Golic, Michael Kay, Dave O’Brien, and Rick Reilly.

9. Soccer is boring. Soccer puts me to sleep. I only watch the World Cup out of patriotism, but I probably shouldn’t even bother anymore. That’s because soccer is lame.

10. I can’t stand Rafael Nadal. I respect him, of course, but I just don’t enjoy watching him play.
Of course, everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion.

Here are a couple things we should be able to agree on. #1, Gus Johnson is the man (my favorite moment is at the 2:34 mark):

And #2, Jimmy V’s speech is worth watching. Every year:


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