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Posted by flyingbk on 10/28/2010

Well, it looks like the Yankees are indeed retaining Girardi as their manager. Guess the report on Twitter was a bad one; hey, it happens. Still, I maintain that Girardi pulled a lot of wrong strings in the ALCS. But it may not have mattered since the Rangers were wiping the floor with the Yankees anyway. Oh, and my official World Series pick was Rangers in 6. But Ron Washington is an awful tactician, and he really hurts his team’s chances. Anyone with a little baseball sense knew that starting Vlad in right field was a bad idea.

Here’s some potpourri for you:

I’m getting settled nicely in Virginia. Today is my 20th day here, and the thought still hits me, “What am I doing here??” But it’s all good, I know that God has great plans for me and my church (which I’m loving more and more each day). I should write a blog post about life here is different than life in New York/New Jersey. Hmm, that’s a good idea for tomorrow!

In the world of politics, certainly I’m glad that the Republicans are poised to take back the House, and should come close in the Senate (but most likely, will come up short). I do look forward to watching the returns on Fox News on Nov. 2, and witness voters unequivocally repudiating the Obama administration. But as angry as I am about Obama, I find myself not getting so worked up over it. He’s been a terrible president, sure, but it’s not a surprise to me. He comes off as snobby, angry, paranoid, and continues to diminish the office of the President by doing things such as appearing as The Daily Show (don’t get me started on Jon Stewart, however; I could write a lot about that hypocrite). Forget campaign promises; you are your voting record. So the fact that Obama is a strident big-government liberal is not news.

Ah, sports… I’m excited about my Oklahoma City Thunder, but my expectations are that they will take a small step back this season. Last year’s rise was so meteoric and unexpected that they’d be hard-pressed to take another giant step. But hey you never know, that’s why we watch games and that’s why sports remains the best reality show on the planet. What will be interesting for me is to see if General Manager Sam Presti will make a big move during midseason. The Thunder have an embarrassment of trade resources (picks, expiring contracts, young talent- call them the anti-Knicks!), but Presti has thus far played things close to the vest as he continues to build slowly. But it’s clear that the Thunder are still a player away from a championship (I like James Harden a lot, but how sweet would it have been if the Thunder had Blake Griffin??). Will Presti finally pull the trigger?

I’m also excited about my Georgetown Hoyas (ranked #20 in the AP Poll that just debuted), and the homer in me says they are underrated going into the season (and Pitt is way overrated). I also love how I should be able to catch more of their games since I get the Washington DC TV channels. Sweet! But my Hoyas are a blog post for another day.

Oh, and my Chicago Bears stink. They were lucky to jump out to a 3-0 start, but now that’s way in the past. I’ve officially washed my hands of Jay Cutler. My initial instinct when that trade went down was to pan it (they simply gave up too much, and now are too deficient in other areas, and not to mention that Cutler is a turnover machine!); I should have stuck with my original instinct. The dude is a head case. It’s too bad, because their defense has actually been quite good, and the NFC North is weaker due to injuries and the utter trash that is Brett Favre. So the Bears will play with their fans’ emotions by making things interesting, but a good team this is not.

OK, that’s it for now. Back to Bible study and sermon prep!


2 Responses to “Oops”

  1. Andrew said

    Hey Bob, Good stuff as usual. Just thought I’d run off a few points about your entry.

    – I don’t believe Girardi fits the Yankee organization, but I think it was a good choice to re-sign him. He gets a lot out of his roster, and I hope to see a reshuffling of the deck and a return to the dominant Yankee pitching days. You can’t live on CC’s arm alone and he’s already showing signs of breaking down. Hopefully they will build around Cano and CC, and even if drastic measure have to be taken they’ll make the correct calls for once by adding some speed on the bases as well as some sure handed pitching, that this year’s Yankees can no longer offer.

    – There are many qualms that I have with the Bears. One, Mike Martz was from the start a terrible call to have run the Bears offense. His expertise doesn’t fit what they were built to do. They have always been built in the same mold as the NYGiants-esque team using their toughness and run blocking to succeed. However unlike the Giants O-line (which is no stalwart O-line too) they lack the ability to pass block as their talents have diminished due to their age. Two, Jay Cutler is still raw. As a Bronco fan, I witnessed first hand his gun slinging, and his lack of true leadership. He’s still just a big arm with little accuracy who was put into a situation that would probably be handled better under a veteran QB. Three, who are his receivers? These guys are so unpolished and not WR1/WR2/WR3 material. Everyone of Mike Martz’s offenses have had at least one go to guy. The Bears do not have single true wide receiver to their name.

    And last point, the Thunder. I have no allegiances to any particular NBA team, but the Thunder will sure be exciting to watch though I feel they may just be a better version of the Warriors. They lack inside strength. No team can consider themselves great until they get that go to PF or Center. Three tweeners between the PG/SG/SF and PF positions will not make you a winner. They have a good foundation to build off of, but I say it takes about 1.5 to 2 years before they are considered contenders. Oh and a minor quibble, their team name and jersey colors….HORRID. Doesn’t excite or make you want to buy a jersey at all. And that’s hard given how small OKC is.

    Oh and finally… DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUKE. They always play ball the right way.

  2. flyingbk said

    Thanks Andrew for commenting!
    Good point about how Cutler has no go-to receiver. The Bears have done an awful job in drafting receivers and offensive linemen. But like I’ve said, I’m done with Cutler. He’ll never be big-time.

    About the Thunder, it’s not fair to call them like the Warriors. The Thunder actually play strong defense, and they actually led the league last year in blocked shots. Ibaka especially is a guy to watch inside. But yeah, they just lack that big-time post scorer and defender; of course, those guys are in short supply.

    And if I could delete a line within a comment, you know that last one would go 🙂

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