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New Books

Posted by flyingbk on 10/19/2010

I’ve been in Virginia now for 10 days, and it’s been a busy time getting settled. I find myself going to places like Target and Bed Bath and Beyond, planning to buy a few things. But before I know it, I’m buying much more than expected; I suppose that’s the fun and unpredictability of having and furnishing my own apartment. Yesterday, I checked off a very important item on my New Resident To-Do List: I procured a library card! Yes, for me, that is more important than changing my state driver’s license (which I plan to do next week).

In my excitement, I took out a few books from York County Library including The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd and Play Their Hearts Out: A Coach, His Star Recruit, and the Youth Basketball Machine by George Dohrmann. I began reading the latter, which has been called the “Friday Night Lights” (the book, not the TV show- I’ve read the book, and I’ve never seen the TV show) of basketball. So far, it’s very engaging and eye-opening. More importantly, I realize that when I spend time reading a good book, my heart and mind just feel more settled. I felt this peace come over me yesterday, and it was much needed as I’ve felt quite unsettled since I got here (which is natural, of course). Then, I watched Cliff Lee and his surgical pitching effort carve up the Yankees offense, and there was more rejoicing!

I also ordered a new Bible today. A few months ago, the unthinkable happened: I lost my Living Insights Study Bible (edited by Chuck Swindoll), which I had since college. That Bible was an integral part of my life, and I tucked programs from across the country inside the cover as a reminder of where I’ve been on my faith journey (examples: a prayer schedule from my time with a prayer group in Colorado Springs; a church program from St. Louis, the first stop on a church tour before the 2004 elections; a pro-life prayer conference brochure from my time in Washington DC). But I also saw it as an opportunity to purchase a new Bible, and begin reading a new translation. I chose the English Standard Version (ESV) because it seemed to be the one that everyone was reading and talking about.

But as I’ve been reading it (I started a one-year Bible reading plan on September 16), I have been disappointed continually. The ESV just seems unclear to me at various times, which surprised me because I thought this relatively new version was known for its clarity and readability. I also realized that switching versions was a mistake; all the verses I’ve memorized have been in the NIV, and it was foolish of me to think that I could re-memorize verses in a new version. Therefore, I ordered the Hebrew-Greek Key Word Study Bible (NIV) today, and I will be anxiously waiting its arrival.

Hmm, I guess that’s it for today. I know, not very exciting. Tomorrow, I promise to finally review The Snakehead.


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