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Surf’s Up 9-21-10

Posted by flyingbk on 09/21/2010

I caught the series premiere of various shows last night as the new fall TV schedule began in earnest. I watched Hawaii Five-0 while at the gym yesterday, and while I enjoyed it, I can’t see myself investing. Lone Star was fascinating, but then I remembered that I don’t really like primetime soaps. Mike and Molly is a comedy about fat people, and while some jokes were painfully obvious, I’ll give it a second look.

On to the links! Feedback is always welcome!

NOTE: This week will have more links than usual because I’ve been storing some of them up for a while (I decided to re-launch this blog a few weeks ago, but I didn’t get around to it until yesterday since I was traveling).


Most of you know about the Korean fraud ring in Bergen County, NJ. If not, click accordingly. The Korean community is ashamed, according to councilman Jason Kim, AKA my old hakwon boss back when I was in high school.

I really enjoyed this article on the Trader Joe’s business. It’s amazing how popular this grocery chain has become; when recent news came out that TJ was planning to open two new markets in the Kansas City area, a few of my Facebook friends residing there reacted euphorically as if the rapture had occurred! I admit, when I found out that there’s a TJ right by where I’ll live in Virginia, I was excited as well!

Christopher Hitchens, the famed atheist, skipped out on his own prayer day. It appears that he’s determined to die a proud atheist, but many Christians continue to pray for him. I’m reminded of a quote by Hitchens in the Times book review on August 15, 2010. It regards whether he should look to God now that he’s dying:
This subject is one Mr. Hitchens has mulled over since childhood, when he decided, as he wrote in “God Is Not Great,” that it was “contemptible” to rely on religion just for comfort if it “might not be true.”

I loved this opinion by Camille Paglia in which he savagely attacks Lady Gaga. I could not agree more; I find Lady Gaga highly repugnant, although I acknowledge (and lament the waste of) her great talent.

Is Kim Jong Il ready to pass the baton of oppression?

Here’s a long piece on the havoc that pornography is wreaking in our society.  The author writes about how we not only have an obesity problem in America, but how we also have a ‘sexual obesity’ epidemic. There’s a lot I could excerpt from the piece, but I’ll go with this one about addiction:
Although academic experts may continue to battle over exactly what is meant by “addiction,” surely the tremendously defensive response in the public square by itself settles the question to any reasonable person’s satisfaction. What does it tell us that, when faced with any attempt to make the case that this substance should be harder to get than it is, some reliable subset of defenders can be counted on to respond more like animals than like people? If such is not the very definition of addiction, what is?


One major problem I have with liberal publications is their insistence on moral equivalency. Nicholas Kristof is a columnist I respect (mainly because of his humanitarian work), but James Taranto calls him out for recently written nonsense.

More moral equivalency in the NYT, from this article on Christianization in Indonesia:
Last week, one day after Americans opposed to the construction of an Islamic center in Lower Manhattan pledged to “Stop the Islamization of America,” a group of Islamists rallied in Bekasi, outside the Indonesian capital, to fight the “Christianization” of Indonesia, by blocking the planned construction of a church.

See what the Times just did? The two groups are set side-by-side, as if they’re made of the same moral fiber. Except that the one near Ground Zero by Christians was nonviolent, while the one in Indonesia by Muslims involved Christian leaders being “stabbed in the stomach” and “hit in the head with a plank.” Sigh.

Jim Treacher rightfully asks, how come the media isn’t covering more concerning the plight of Molly Norris? That crazy preacher from Florida gets all this press, but Norris is ignored? Hmm, I wonder why… If you don’t know, feel free to read up about an inch or so.


Stunningly sad news regarding a Broncos’ wide receiver.

The pastor of a church and his wife, and four others, died on Saturday near Woodbury Commons in a freak church van accident. There are a couple bittersweet tidbits in the story about how the pastor made a difference in others’ lives. The name of the church: Joy Fellowship Church, a similar name to the church that most of my friends and I attend. Weird, right? My thoughts and prayers go out to this church.


A fan at Amazin’ Avenue is writing up a post-by-post review of the 2000 season. It’s a nice time to wax nostalgic since the current iteration of the Mets isn’t very good. Here is Part I, Part II, and Part III. How can you say no to Benny Agbayani?

Mascot throwdown!

Another crazy fan stomps onto the field at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia (apparently trying to look like Superman). This time though, it’s not a taser gun, but Matt Diaz to the rescue.

Gregg Easterbrook’s TMQ is always a must-read for the football fan. This particular column tackles the need to be more proactive in preventing concussions.

Football Outsider’s Quick Reads is essential fare as well, especially for those of you who think that Michael Vick played really well on Sunday.

Word is that the Nets are frontrunners to acquire Carmelo Anthony’s talents. That’d be pretty sweet, in light of the fact that Knicks fans have been dreaming of Melo since Lebron jilted them.


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