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Bob and Weave 2.0

Posted by flyingbk on 09/20/2010

It’s funny, I just read my last blog post from over seven months ago about how I was determined to re-start blogging. In the second-to-last paragraph, while making note of my laziness, I mention that it is time (RAHHHHH!!!) to begin writing regularly.

Yeah, that didn’t really work out. But after reading most of Do Hard Things by the Harris brothers, I am convicted afresh to try this blogging thing once again. I will review the book at another time, but its general point is that we don’t stretch ourselves out of our comfort zones enough. I’ve realized that I simply need to write more if I am going to maximize the writing gift that I believe God has given me. I always tell people that I plan to write books one day, and that doesn’t just happen overnight.

We all know how paralyzing fear of failure can be, but I wonder if the fear of mediocrity is far more insidious and therefore fatal when it comes to our self-development. Some of my blog posts may be brilliant, some may be wretched; the vast majority will be in-between and closer to a C+ than a B+. That’s OK, though. One of my new goals on this blog is to just pump ’em out, even if they ain’t that great.

And I believe the stage is set for me to succeed: I’ve been reading a ton this summer (16 finished books by my estimation), which means I’m making better use of my time. (Take a look at my left sidebar; I will be updating that section regularly). Gone are the days of fiddling around on VirtualNES (the worst was when I was almost done beating The Legend of Zelda in one sitting only to click away from the page by accident) or browsing the web like a drunken sailor.

Also, in order to help me write more regularly, I will be instituting a weekly structure. The first blog post of each week will simply be a smorgasbord of links (with smidges of commentary) that I’ve read in the last week. The second will cover a book that I’ve read, and what I’ve learned from it. The third will be an open topic, with the word “on”; it could be anything, from politics to the spiritual to the personal. Finally, my last blog post will be more light-hearted (i.e sports!). My thought process behind this structure is simple: It’s to cater to my 9-to-5 readers. I’m thinking that on Monday, you’ll want something more chill, hence the links. By the end of the week, you’re dreaming about the weekend, so I’ll want to write in a more blithesome manner.

I am hoping that my new blog will fulfill the following goals:

1) Give glory to God
2) Hone my writing abilities
3) Raise awareness on various issues and what’s worthwhile
4) Encourage my readers!

As I re-launch, I hope that you will join me. My blog may make you mad, it may make you laugh, it may make you cry (although I’m not sure how), but most of all, I hope that it will make you think, and that you will enjoy!


4 Responses to “Bob and Weave 2.0”

  1. Paul said

    if you don’t post, i’m going to hassle you.

  2. Chris Ho said

    you’re in my google reader now. i am looking forward to some riveting content!

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