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Posted by flyingbk on 12/17/2009

I haven’t blogged lately, mainly because I’ve been cannibalized by twitter, and I also don’t know what to blog about these days. But I’ll write a few things now in order to get them off my chest. And they have to do with our president.

Let me first say that I try to very careful when it comes to criticizing authority. The Bible makes it clear that we are to honor authority, even authority that we deem dishonorable or unfit. In Acts 23:3-5, while he’s being unfairly treated (to say the least), Paul apologizes for calling the high priest a name (even though the dude best deserved it).¬† In 1 Peter 2:17, the apostle Peter instructs his audience to “honor the king.” The king at that time was systematically persecuting and killing Christians; so we see the high standard that is expected of the church when it comes to honoring those whom God has sovereignly placed above us.

Nothing drove me more crazy than hearing fellow Christians utter foolish thoughts¬† such as “George Bush is not my president; after all, I didn’t vote for him.” I wanted to smack anyone who said that and yell at them, “Hey guess what! Congrats! You just won the award for sounding as idiotic as possible!!” Same goes for Christians who take shots at popular ministry figures such as Joel Osteen, Benny Hinn, and {fill in anyone here}. You best be super-duper careful about saying bad things about church authority, especially when you don’t know a lick about their true character or private lives.

Barack Obama is my president. When I refer to him, I almost always call him “President Obama” as a form of respect. I watch myself to not take any personal shots at him, instead only making light of his policies. But I must state that he is making me very angry these days.

I warned people back during the campaign that Obama was the worst presidential candidate in American history, mainly because he was woefully underqualified. Take away his teleprompter, and what did you have underneath? All his campaign promises were practically antithetical to the way he carried himself and voted as a politician. Obama constantly promised that he would promote bipartisanship, even as nonpartisan groups deemed him the most liberal legislator in the U.S. Senate. He’s never run an organization in his life, and had very limited leadership experience.

Well, as his favorite preacher, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, would say, “The chickens have come home to roost.” He still continually takes shots at the Bush administration; gimme a break, it’s been almost a year now, and it’s very unpresidential. Say what y’all want about Bush, but he never blamed Clinton for anything he inherited. Bush also never picked a fight with the liberal media (which slandered and demonized him, and has duped many people into thinking that he did zero right during his 8 years in office), while Obama had his childish spat with Fox News. With the exception of Afghanistan, all of Obama’s policies have been far-left, whether it be the monstrosity of the stimulus bill, the cap-and-trade attempts (which experts agree would KILL our economy), forcing tax payers to fund embryonic stem cell research (even as many of us view it as unethical), the stupidity of closing Guantanamo (and putting them in America!), and the current health care reform debate.

I even asked one of my fair-minded liberal friends about the health care debate. Obama has consistently said that the bill will not provide coverage for illegal immigrants, force taxpayers to fund abortion, or force our country into a much greater budget deficit (in fact, he claims that this $2.5 trillion bill will SAVE us money!). All three are visibly not true. So the question arises: Is our president stupid/misinformed, or is he intentionally misleading the American people. My friend’s response? “Misleading.” Of course he is. Our president is an intelligent man, and he’s taking many of us for fools. And it ticks me off. (UPDATE: Many of our president’s liberal friends are none too happy about the healthcare bill either.)

Of course, the sad news is that the lame-stream media will not call our president to account for any of his words and actions. Because, as the editor of Newsweek states, “he’s kind of God.” I try to not get angry, and keep my emotions in check. But frankly, I am very exasperated by the decisions our President is making. My other option is to care less, but then I’m no better than tons of apathetic Americans. I would really love my friends who voted for him and still support him to tell me what they approve of during his first year in office (and please don’t say “winning the Nobel Peace Prize,” although I did like some of the things he said during his acceptance speech.)


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friends in high places

Posted by flyingbk on 12/01/2009

I live in Palisades Park, NJ. My church is in Old Tappan, NJ. Therefore, when I drive to church multiple times a week, I need to take the Palisades Interstate Parkway. Those who have traversed this highway know that the PIP is rife with speed traps, a fact that is heightened by the brutally low speed limit of 50 M.P.H.

I have driven on the PIP regularly since fall 2005; I attended seminary in Nyack, NY for 3 1/2 years. After receiving a couple speeding tickets because I usually went over 70 M.P.H., I resolved early last year to never again get caught for speeding. On the PIP, I would make sure to stay under 70 (which I determined is the cut-off that officers use in determining to pull you over). I also realized that driving fast simply is not worth it. You don’t even save that much time!

I am proud to say that since I made that resolution, I have not been written up for speeding. However, that previous sentence in lacking relevant information; there have been two instances in which I deserved to get a summons. Earlier this year, a cop pulled me over for doing 38 in a 25 (in residential Closter). And today, an interstate officer flashed his car’s lights, and pointed directly at me as I drove by him. My attempt to brake once I spotted him was too late, and I subsequently pulled over. 71 in a 50. I usually make an effort to stay in the high 60’s, but recently, I had gotten more lax and hovered over the magical 70 mark. I suppose this happens when you haven’t received a ticket in some time.

Obviously, I should have received a speeding ticket both times, with the exorbitant fines and crippling points that come with it. However, I have this friend. He’s an assistant district attorney in Brooklyn, and he gave me a courtesy badge shortly after he took the job. I have now used this badge twice to get out of speeding tickets. Today, the officer actually noticed the badge as he asked me, “Where’d you get that?” Ah, that was a moment of glory. Once he inquired, I knew that at worst, he would write me a low-cost ticket that incurred no points.

Sure enough, after a short wait, he returned with a ticket that will only cost about $50 (and no points), instead of $200.  I thanked God for His mercy, and I texted my friend to let him know that I owe him dinner (I texted him after I parked my car, naturally).

I think there’s a parallel in today’s incident and the grace of God. Because I know a friend in a high place of authority, I am able to receive mercy and escape the stiff penalty that my transgressions merit. Because Jesus willingly went to the cross in my place, I receive eternal grace and forgiveness of sins. I will never bear the punishment that I undoubtedly deserve. Of course, the analogy is far from perfect; Jesus endured flogging, insults, loogies, a crown of thorns, and the torture of crucifixion. My friend endured three years of law school and the New York bar exam.

But the point remains. As today’s incident was unfolding, I asked God, “Why is this happening now? On the first day of December?!” Just last night, I was telling God about my failures and continued sense of disappointment in myself for how this year has gone. I believe that today, God responded: “My grace is sufficient for you, even in weakness.” Mercy triumphs over judgment, thanks to my friends in high places. Praise the Lord!

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