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Posted by flyingbk on 11/05/2009

Someone once asked me what my greatest weakness was. I replied, “My greatest strength and biggest weakness are one and the same. My strength is that I am a very passionate person; my weakness is that I am easily consumed.”  I thank God that He made me as someone who is quite flammable. Here are a listing of things I am or have been passionate about, in no particular order:

  • My friends
  • Baseball, esp. the New York Mets
  • The ending of abortion in America
  • God
  • Seeing my youth group kids experience God
  • U.S.A. (I’m very patriotic)
  • College basketball, esp. the Georgetown Hoyas
  • Sports in general (watching and playing)
  • Planning get-togethers
  • Knowing the Bible
  • Road trips/sightseeing
  • Doritos
  • Politics
  • My favorite TV shows
  • Romantic interests
  • Good books
  • Personal finance
  • Red (aka the best band in the universe)
  • Christian hard rock
  • Worship
  • Crossword puzzles
  • Good preaching
  • Any competition, i.e. board games, cards, game shows

I’m sure I’ve left some out. I guess you can call me a man of many passions, but a master of none. Or something like that. Anyway, I know that God has made me this way mainly so that I can be passionate mainly for Him and the things of His heart and the advancing of His kingdom. He has been showing me that all these other passions do not satisfy; they may burn brightly in my heart for a while, but in the end there’s only char and soot instead of warmth and light.

So I must be passionate about the things that He is passionate about, and then we’ll have all sorts of wonderful rapid combustion. It’s just that my weakness gets in the way… or is it my strength? Ahh, woe is me!


One Response to “passion”

  1. KL said

    you forgot the mentoring group

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