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surf’s up (life edition) 11-17-09

Posted by flyingbk on 11/17/2009

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, and much has been happening in regards to abortion (personal note at the bottom). Here’s a recap:

** Meet Abby Johnson- she was the former director of a Planned Parenthood in Texas. She had a change of heart, quit, and became pro-life after witnessing an ultrasound of an abortion.
Here is the story about her conversion.
Here is her interview with Bill O’Reilly, in which she states that Planned Parenthood is always trying to increase its abortion numbers i.e. their employees never use the word ‘baby’ with expectant mothers (‘cells’ is the preferred word).  No wonder PP tried to exercise a gag order on Johnson after she left. Say what you want about their aims and services, but PP’s livelihood is the abortion procedure. I also think that anyone who is not pro-life, or is not sure about the issue, should take a look at an ultrasound of an abortion. Yes, it’s very disturbing and can make one squeamish, but it can also provide a lot of clarity, as it did for Ms. Johnson. I salute her for her courage to stand up for her newfound convictions.

** They actually discussed Ms. Johnson’s conversion on The View. And even the liberal ladies were appalled (pay special attention to Sherri Shepherd’s story). I’m thankful that more and more people are realizing how awful abortion is, and that our nation is becoming more pro-life.

** More proof of this trend is a recent episode of NBC’s Law and Order, where they mimicked the death of late-term abortion doctor George Tiller.  It was a really well-done, balanced episode, and I could not believe that a mainstream Hollywood product actually made pro-abortion people look bad and pro-life people look good (they even stated that the nation is trending pro-life). They even displayed that often times, an infant born alive as a result of a botched late-term abortion will subsequently be killed by the abortionist. (And yes, I will take this opportunity to remind people that our current President voted multiple times against protections for these kind of infants- if you don’t believe me, read the transcript and hear the clip here). Unfortunately, full episodes can’t be found online, but there is this telling clip. The best part is when Connie talks about Roe v. Wade, around the 1:20-to-go mark.

** For those who missed it, even the New York Times (!) posted pictures of fetal remains on their website in a feature on a photographer who takes such pictures. Here’s a quote from the photographer in the piece:

She defended protesters’ use of blown-up imagery — sometimes as large as billboards — as necessary and justified. “In order to see the humanity and beauty of something so small, you have to enlarge it,” she said. “Otherwise, the baby is invisible and dismissed.”

Over time, however, her views on which images are appropriate have evolved. She no longer sees gory pictures showing blood or organs as acceptable. She has tried harder to shoot younger fetuses, because that’s when most abortions take place, and she said she also believes that the most graphic images should not be deliberately directed at children because “they can’t intellectualize what they’re seeing.”

I agree that we should not show such images to children, but the world does need to see what abortion is really all about. It’s the same thing as when we revealed the horrors of slavery or atrocities in war. We do a disservice when injustice is covered up.

** Finally, do you want to know how screwed up our abortion laws are? Then read this doozy. The sad thing is, legal experts agree that the judge ruled correctly, based on the written laws in place.


Personal note: I am passionately pro-life, and occasionally I will be posting links and thoughts regarding the abortion issue. I know many who avoid the issue like the plague esp. b/c they don’t want to get caught up in its politics, but I hope that at least those who are unsure on the issue will see that every day, many human lives lie in the balance. Therefore, I feel compelled to speak out: “Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves.” -Proverbs 31:8a


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Posted by flyingbk on 11/05/2009

Someone once asked me what my greatest weakness was. I replied, “My greatest strength and biggest weakness are one and the same. My strength is that I am a very passionate person; my weakness is that I am easily consumed.”  I thank God that He made me as someone who is quite flammable. Here are a listing of things I am or have been passionate about, in no particular order:

  • My friends
  • Baseball, esp. the New York Mets
  • The ending of abortion in America
  • God
  • Seeing my youth group kids experience God
  • U.S.A. (I’m very patriotic)
  • College basketball, esp. the Georgetown Hoyas
  • Sports in general (watching and playing)
  • Planning get-togethers
  • Knowing the Bible
  • Road trips/sightseeing
  • Doritos
  • Politics
  • My favorite TV shows
  • Romantic interests
  • Good books
  • Personal finance
  • Red (aka the best band in the universe)
  • Christian hard rock
  • Worship
  • Crossword puzzles
  • Good preaching
  • Any competition, i.e. board games, cards, game shows

I’m sure I’ve left some out. I guess you can call me a man of many passions, but a master of none. Or something like that. Anyway, I know that God has made me this way mainly so that I can be passionate mainly for Him and the things of His heart and the advancing of His kingdom. He has been showing me that all these other passions do not satisfy; they may burn brightly in my heart for a while, but in the end there’s only char and soot instead of warmth and light.

So I must be passionate about the things that He is passionate about, and then we’ll have all sorts of wonderful rapid combustion. It’s just that my weakness gets in the way… or is it my strength? Ahh, woe is me!

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