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Posted by flyingbk on 10/29/2009

angst 1

A feeling of anxiety or apprehension often accompanied by depression.

Yeah, I think that word aptly describes how all Mets fans feel about this World Series. In one corner, you have the team that has been ably named “The Evil Empire.” Every good Mets fan will tell you that his two favorite teams are the Mets and whoever is playing the Yankees. I cringe every time I hear Mets fans shouting  “Yankees SUCK!” at a Mets game because there’s no need for us to possess such a large chip on our shoulder, but I understand the spirit behind the chant. (I have only joined in on that chant once, when I was at this awesome game and we saw on the scoreboard that the Yankees were getting spanked by Barry Zito and the A’s. Of course, that year didn’t end all that well, so you can argue that I received my comeuppance.)

In the other corner, you have our main division rival that has now gotten the best of us for three straight years, and completely embarrassed us with their historical comeback in 2007. The Phillies have players like Cole Hamels, who brazenly proclaimed on New York sports radio that the Mets were “chokers.” There’s Chase Utley, who is probably the second best player in all of baseball, but has openly admitted that he never tries to get out of the way of a hit-by-pitch. Worst of all, there’s Shane Victorino, who looks like a five-year old with his twin ear flaps and claps his hands maniacally, vaguely resembling a chicken in the process.

So what should a Mets fan do? You can’t root for either team. One option is to stay neutral; you can just enjoy the fact that one of your hated rivals is going to lose and that their fans will have their hearts shattered. You’ve just turned your no-win situation into a no-lose delight! Brilliant!

At first, I decided that I would simply root AGAINST the Phillies. Let me give you three reasons why:

1) The Phillies have a lot more players that I can’t stand; there are a few players I can’t stand on the Yankees, but my dislike of them is nothing compared to how I feel about Jimmy Rollins, Hamels, Victorino, etc.

2) The Yankees last won in 2000, so seeing them win wouldn’t be the worst thing. But seeing the Phillies win back-to-back and having that cloud cover the Mets and their efforts to recapture the NL East? And then having to hear ad infinitum about how the Phillies are more gritty and how they just “want it more”? Ouch, those would be hard pills to swallow.

3) I have a lot of friends and youth group kids that are huge Yankee fans. While there are many insufferable and overly brash Yankee fans, most of the ones I know do not fall into this category. Meanwhile, all Phillies fans could use a slice of humble pie.

But I admit, while watching last night’s contest, I thoroughly enjoyed watching Cliff Lee shut down the vaunted Yankees lineup and seeing all those unhappy Yankee fans quietly exit the stadium. And I will be avidly rooting for Pedro tonight, even though I don’t expect him to pitch well. But then when the scene shifts to Philadelphia, I would love to watch the blank expressions on the faces of Phillies fans as their team bites the dust. I would love to see any of the top Phillies hitters fail in a big spot, and I want Cole Hamels to get hammered. Oh, what conflict! What angst!

I think this poem sums up things well. I say, if the Phillies win, let them clinch at the new Yankee stadium and let Derek Jeter strike out with the tying and winning runs on base. If the Yankees win, let them do it because Rollins and Utley made big errors and Shane Victorino knocked his head into the wall for an inside-the-parker. I’m not asking for too much, right? LGM.


5 Responses to “angst”

  1. jacobim said

    i agree with 100% of this post. this is your best post ever! keep it up!

  2. Jose Reyes said

    I like the Mets. I also like the Yankees, albeit, not much as the Mets. I think I can still root for the Yankees without it being a sacrerelige. The Yankees and the Mets are in different leagues, so the success of the Yankees don’t really affect the Mets. It might be that the Yankees are perenially the toast of the town and there is the idea that Mets are a second rate team in NY (which really isn’t the case, and even if it was, its inifinitely better than playing in a second rate city like Philly).

    The hatred that some Mets fans have for the Yankees is understandable, but misplaced. That hatred seems to be spurned out of the persistent condescending nature of Yankees fans for the most part, and everyone hates the Yankees outside of the tri-state area. It seems that such hatred makes us Mets fans seem jealous. It doesn’t bode well for the team if the fans feel like their team is the Yankees ugly little half sister. It just doesn’t seem right, just like Phillies fans, they just don’t seem right.

    You’re right Bob. we shouldn’t have such a big chip on our shoulders. We’re better than that.

  3. mikekimmusic said

    As a Yankee fan, I don’t despise (despise would even be a strong word) the Mets anywhere near the level I do the Red Sox. And even then I think it’s safe to assume Yankee fans don’t hate the Red Sox as much as Sox fans hate the Yanks. The Mets are definitely treated as second class citizens in NY but I don’t hate them. I even went with Bob to a Mets playoff game years ago. I even watched all of game 7 of the NLCS vs. St. Louis a few years back and really felt conflicted after Wainwright froze Beltran. I (sort of) wanted the Mets to get their championship for once, but also thought about how much smack I’d hear from my Met friends if they went on to win the Series. So though I pitied the Mets, at least I wouldn’t have to hear the smack from them since they lost.

    So Bob, base it on players you hate and how much smack you’ll have to live with…this is a good thing. You’re handling this well. You’ll definitely hear more smack from Philly fans if they win than Yankee fans. Life will be better for you if the Phils lose.

  4. y.s. said

    bob, i think your talking about the sports too much, but this post i am very interesting about that. as mets fan, i did not hating phillies before, but maybe now i am.

  5. Paul said

    I have to disagree here, but agree with the points made by the comments. The Mets and Yankees obviously don’t have any animosity towards each other, except maybe Steinbrenner. The players don’t really… it’s the beef between the fans that make this a rivalry. That being said, I think it’s the little brother syndrome of constantly being chided by the Yankee fans that create the animosity in Mets fans. World Championships, world recognition, etc… it’s the fact that the Mets are the “other” team that gets us all riled up. I can’t bring myself to root for the Yankees because it’s a matter of proximity. No matter where you are, there will always be Yankee fans, especially in the greater NY metro area. Another championship is another thing they have to hang over our heads. At least Phillies fans are few and far between as long as you’re not in Central/South Jersey and Pennsylvania (there are no such thing as Pirate fans).

    By the way, that one game you reference was the best Mets/baseball game that I have ever been to. BENNY AGBAYANI!

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