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get ready for fall classics

Posted by flyingbk on 10/11/2009

To say that I am not a Yankees fan, or a Phillies fan, would be quite the understatement. However, as a baseball fan, I am glad that both teams emerged victorious in their respective Division Series. How can this be?

To answer this question, let’s look at Game 163 between the Twins and Tigers played a week ago. During and after the contest, fans across the internet raved about the drama. And no doubt about it, there was plenty of back-and-forth action, and the importance of the game only added to the excitement. But there was one major problem that kept me from calling this game an all-time classic: It featured two very mediocre teams, and they played accordingly. Whoever won that contest was going to become the worst postseason participant that I can remember since the Wild Card era began. Both the Twins and Tigers would have finished fourth, AT BEST, in the AL Central. In fact, you can make a good argument that the 4th-place Blue Jays were better than either team; Toronto (+27) finished with a better run differential than Detroit (-2), and was only slightly worse than Minnesota (+52) while facing vastly superior competition in its division.

As expected, the Yankees made quick work of the Twins. It actually wasn’t that easy as Minnesota had its chances to capture Games 2 and 3, but the better team prevailed. And with the Angels, Phillies, and Dodgers all winning, we have the teams with the best four records squaring off in two League Championship Series. For these results, all baseball fans, whether you are impartial toward one of the teams or not, should rejoice. That’s because we can expect some heartstopping drama provided by teams of high caliber. In addition, there are four World Series scenarios, and all of them are delicious. FOX Sports must be salivating.

We all love the underdog and the upset. But in this case, we should be glad that teams like the Twins and Rockies did not play the part of David vs. Goliath. Because now, the best is yet to come, from the best teams in the game.

*By the way, I am so glad that the Twins lost partly in due to poor fundamentals. Hopefully we can put to rest the meme that the Twins succeeded because they play the game “the right way.” No, you fools, they made the playoffs because a) they played in a garbage division, and b) they had the best player in the American League, who made up for a bunch of lineup stiffs. They made the playoffs in spite of guys like Nick Punto, not because of them.  Best Twitter I read this past weekend from my man Keith Law: ‘They play the game the right way’ is the baseball equivalent of ‘she has a great personality.’)


2 Responses to “get ready for fall classics”

  1. jacobim said

    my fiancee has a great personality.


  2. flyingbk said

    so then she plays the game right way, yes? 😉

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